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The Benefits of Using Composites in Industrial Applications

Composites offer corrosion-resistant solutions for many industries, including air pollution control, chemical processing, desalination, food and beverage, mineral processing and mining, oil and gas, pulp and paper, solid waste landfill and water and wastewater treatment.

Composites are widely used as an industrial material in the following markets:


• Car wash: used for rust resistance and to brightens the inside of the car wash tunnel making the car inside looks cleaner.

• Chemical industry: Used as an anti-slip safety feature of the embedded grit surface and the chemically resistant feature of different resin compounds. The chemicals being used are matched with the resins.

• Cooling towers: Since cooling towers are always wet, they have to be protected from rust, corrosion, and other safety issues. Due to the excellent properties of fiberglass, it is used in these towers as screening to keep people and animals away from the danger zones.

• Power generation: Many areas of the power generation industry like tank farms, scrubbers, and others use fiberglass. The reason for this is the non-conductive property of fiberglass.

• Plating plants: This application uses fiberglass grating due to the anti-slip property of the surface.

• Pulp and paper industry: The property of fiberglass which makes it chemical corrosion resistant is useful in pulp and bleach mills. Recently, fiberglass is used in many areas due to its corrosion resistance and anti-slip properties.

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