Ceremic Fiber

Ceremic Fiber Technical Data Sheet

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As the crucial and staple materials for producing ceramic fiber blanket, board, module and other formed products, Fiberlink ceramic bulk fiber is normally manufactured from high purity raw materials-alumina powder, silica sand through unique production techniques of spun or blowing, these bulks are loose, long and flexible with fine thermal properties, at present, the chopped fibers for vacuum formed production, the lubricated bulk fibers and the fiber for textiles are all available. Fiberlink ceramic bulk fibers serve as an ideal filler for various types of refractory lining and insulation tools.

Product Forms

Ceramic fiber is available in both chopped (FL-1260BULK-C & FL-1400BULK-C) and unchopped (FL-1260BULK, FL-1260BULK-HP, FL-1400BULK & FL-1600BULK) grades to provide customers with a fiber ideally suited for their application.


  • Low heat storage and thermal conductivity
  • Excellent chemical and thermal stability
  • Contains no bonding agent and corrosive substance
  • Thermal shock resistance and acoustic absorption
  • Asbestos free and flexible applications


Fiberlink Ceramic Bulk Fiber is typically used in the manufacture of other ceramic fiber based product forms such as:

  • Staple materials for other ceramic fiber products
  • Expansion joint packing
  • Filtration media
  • Moldable / Mastics feedstock
  • Ladle insulation

Packing and Storage

Fiberlink Ceramic Bulk Fiber is put into plastic bags by vacuum packaging before palletized for shipping.