Did you know?

The Great Northern Concrete Toboggan Race 2013 is over, and the University of Toronto Concrete Toboggan Design Team is home after five great days in Vancouver.

After arriving, the competition began with the Technical Exhibition where teams set up interactive booths displaying the unique technical features of their toboggan. Our basketball themed booth, The Toronto Globeboggers, featuring a regulation height basketball net was a 'slam-dunk' amongst the competitors. Following team presentations to various technical judges and the event sponsors, the toboggans were packed up for race day.

This year, Race Day took place at Mount Seymour, located just north of Vancouver City. In response to last year's treacherous course, the organizers this year took a more conservative approach, and the 200m course was on the shallow side. Several flat spots along the course, combined with warm sticky snow conditions meant several teams had a hard time even making it across the start line. When U of T's turn came up we put our strongest pushers forward and although we went a little off track, we completed the run and successfully came to a quick stop. After a flawless completion of our second run, we qualified to race in the third and final slalom round. With a good start we were able to navigate the challenging course with only a single point deducted for clipping the first gate. Our team left the race hill in high spirits after achieving our goal of making it down the hill safely.

The third day of the competition was competitor activity day which led the 500 engineering students on an exciting tour of the UBC campus. The many activities gave us plenty of time to mingle with the other schools and experience the best of the West.

The final evening in Vancouver was spent at the closing ceremonies. As the dinner was served, the organizers began handing out various awards for everything from the most spirited team to the best concrete reinforcement. The University of Toronto left the ceremony as one of the most highly decorated teams, receiving: 2nd place for our Technical Report, 2nd place for the CIRCA Most Effective Use of Fly Ash in Concrete, 2nd place for the Holcim Most Sustainable Concrete Toboggan, 2nd place Slalom Run, 1st place for Shortest Braking Distance, 1st place for Best Performing Toboggan, and most notably 2nd place overall in the competition out of the 22 competing teams. This list of achievements also earned U of T the award for Most Improved Team.

The competition was a valuable learning experience, and provided the team with a much needed esteem boost. The team is already hard at work improving our design to maximize performance and hopefully lead to similar results next year.

We'd like to take this last opportunity to once again thank you for your generous support. The team would not be able to compete without the ongoing help of our sponsors, and we hope to continue this partnership for many years to come.