Multi-Compatible Cloth

Multi-Compatible Cloth Technical Data Sheet

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W3-J E-glass Woven Fiberglass Cloth is produced by conventional textile methods, in virtually any variation. The types of construction are plain weave, twill weave, leno weave, satin weave and unidirectional weave, etc. W3-J Woven Fiberglass Cloth is compatible for use with polyester, vinyl ester and epoxy resins. These fabrics are very common in marine, composite construction and repair.

All W3-J Woven Fiberglass Fabrics are manufactured to meet ISO 9002 standards. Because these products are highly engineered, the right combination of fabric weight, thickness and construction meets most customers' requirements in selecting the proper fabric for a particular application.


W3-J Woven Fiberglass Cloth is wound into a roll on a cardboard inner tube with an inside diameter of 10cm (4"). Each roll is wrapped with a plastic bag and placed in a cardboard box. 12 or 16 boxes are placed horizontally on a pallet, which is stretch wrapped.


Unless otherwise specified, it is recommended to store glass fiber products in a cool, dry area. Temperature should not exceed 35°C (95°F) and the relative humidity should be kept below 75%. Fiberglass products must remain in packaging material until just prior to their use.

If these conditions are respected, the glass fiber product should not undergo significant changes when stored for extended periods of time.


To ensure safety and avoid damage to the product, skids should not be stacked.